The real of dreams, hope and imagination.

This is a blog that, like myself, is a concoction of many things. Many interest, many loves, many random thoughts and mad ideas turn into a variety of forms and physical conception that never seem to be as good as they were in my imagination. Nevertheless, they existed somewhere inside me and wanted to take form, in the shape of a photo, a poem, a short-story, a painting or maybe just a random thought that was reluctant to leave my mind. And so this blog began, in the hopes that my bonkers, chaotic and varicoloured imagination might bring to those who read it some sort of delight.

I can never exactly tell where my mind wonders at times, but it has done it ever since I can remember. It travels to different worlds, different times, different ages, and I am left with the images, the feelings, the notions of those travels. All of those created this blog.

So although it may not be much, I will share some of the pieces of my mind, and I hope they will resonate in those who visit my blog.


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